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About the Lead Authors

Tom Le Quesne

Tom is a senior policy advisor in WWF's freshwater program, and policy manager for WWF's component of the HSBC Climate Partnership. Tom works on water policy and sustainability issues across the WWF Network, including work in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. This has included a particular focus on water and environmental policy issues in China and India. Tom has published a number of reviews of water management and environmental issues, including work on water allocation, environmental flows, and climate change. Tom holds a Masters and PhD in economics from Oxford University.

John H. Matthews

John Matthews has directed freshwater climate adaptation work for WWF's global network since 2007. He currently supports WWF staff in over 20 countries, including China, India, Brazil, central Europe, east Africa, Mexico, and the US to increase the climate resilience of freshwater conservation and development programs. He advises WWF programs, partners, and policymakers on emerging best climate adaptation practices. External partners include the Ramsar Convention, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Stockholm International Water Institute, US AID, Water and Climate Coalition, and the UNFCCC. He has published numerous scientific, training, and policy implication articles. As a practicing ecologist, his current research focuses on climate change impacts on North American wetlands (with the USGS) and a global study of the effects of shifting flow regimes on aquatic biodiversity (with Colorado State University and Cornell University). Before coming to WWF, John worked for a variety of government and non-governmental environmental groups, including a postdoctoral position as a conservation ecologist with the USGS. He earned his PhD at the University of Texas, Austin, under Camille Parmesan. Prior to working in conservation, John worked in the publishing industry for 12 years.

Constantin von der Heyden

Constantin von der Heyden is director of Pegasys Strategy and Development, a specialist public sector management consultancy. Constantin has over 15 years' consulting and research experience in Africa, with particular interest in institutional and economic issues in the management of water resources for economic growth and development. In recent years he has focussed on the interface between climate change, economic development and natural resources management in Africa, and on the institutional, financial and infrastructural response to adapt to an uncertain future. Constantin serves on various regional and international committees, has worked for a range of clients including governments, multilateral financial institutions and NGOs, and has published in the academic and popular literature. Constantin leads the climate change practice and the public sector strategy and finance practice in Pegasys.

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